10 Habits of Highly Successful Chief Financial Officers

Creating a successful finance operation has become increasingly more complex as the demand for efficiency and speed shapes business needs.

To battle the pressure of inflation, rising costs, talent shortages, and other economic uncertainties, CFOs are shifting their resources and attention from value protection to value creation.

With this shift in focus, the demands of finance teams have grown significantly. CFOs and finance leaders can help their teams create value by strengthening their own leadership approach.

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But how can CFOs drive operational excellence and reduce employee turnover, despite supply chain issues and economic unrest?

Here are 10 habits that can help you be a more successful, agile leader by: 

  • Using analytical thinking 
  • Building well-equipped teams 
  • Negotiating and managing risk 
  • And more!

According to Gartner, 64% of CFOs are using the recent economic crisis as an opportunity to redesign their business.

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