How to Buy an AP Automation Solution

Automation is readily available to reduce your finance team’s workload, but where do you start? Your finance team no longer has to shoulder the burden of manual tasks. Finance has shifted, and AP automation is a key driver for improved efficiency and scaling.

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Join OpenEnvoy CEO Matthew Tillman as he answers the question: “where do we start?” for CFOs and decision-makers who feel that manual, mundane tasks are weighing down their finance departments.

With high volumes of manual and repetitive tasks, the risk for human error increases significantly. The benefits of AP automation for business are endless, allowing for boosted productivity, immediate cash flow, and real-time data for decisive decision-making.

However, for a profitable AP automation experience, you must know how to choose the right technology for your specific business needs and quantify success.

Listen to this discussion and benefit from understanding how to buy an AP automation solution, measure success, and transform your business by digitizing your processes.

Did you hire your AP team to build templates, or for more strategic purposes?

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