Customer Success is the Key to your AP Automation Journey

Discover a four-phase process to reference in setting expectations for a streamlined onboarding experience.

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As digital transformation continues to accelerate the way business is conducted, finance teams are looking for ways to improve organizational efficiency in order to move from a cost center to a value center. Through the power of AP automation, finance and accounting teams can reduce errors, save time, and increase cash flow.

When selecting AP automation software, you can minimize risk and create a seamless onboarding experience with coordinated planning and project management. The technology provider you select should support this by hosting a multiphase onboarding process that includes opportunities to add value, guarantee ROI, scale automation, support your in-house BI tools, and train your team for success.

Join finance experts Samantha Moran, Head of Customer Success at OpenEnvoy and Matt Cohen, VP of Finance at Bliss Point Media for an engaging webinar sharing the four phases involved to have a successful AP automation journey:

  • Discovery
  • Training
  • Automation
  • Growth

We are looking at saving 700 - 800 human employee hours per month with OpenEnvoy. There will be a lot of resources and capacity freed up to focus on the next problem at hand.

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