Scoular Leverages Real-Time Tech

The Scoular Company is the second-largest container exporter of agricultural commodities. Growing to over $6 billion in sales (FY21), they provide diverse supply chain solutions to end users and suppliers in 80+ countries.

When Scoular sought to partner with OpenEnvoy, like many businesses, their accounting team was experiencing issues like insufficient manual processes, lowered employee engagement, lengthy disputes with carriers, and lack of spend intelligence.

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Learn how OpenEnvoy helped Scoular capture 105% ROI in just 6 months through:

  • Full forensic-level freight audit before approval 
  • Real-time duplicate detection
  • Custom dispute functionality 
  • Spend intelligence dashboards
  • And more!

We can now concentrate on the issues rather than doing redundant tasks. Our staff can focus on issues that OpenEnvoy highlights for us. Eliminating manual tasks is a plus for everyone" Kurt S., Director of Finance and Accounting.

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