Automation is the Key to Unlocking Working Capital

A recent survey found that 49% of business leaders in the U.S. have concerns about cash flow. To offset rising costs and alleviate margin pressures, CFOs and finance teams are looking to generate more cash flow. 

Winning business leaders know the secret to unlocking cash flow is process efficiency and accuracy. In 2022, organizations must develop tools to integrate more flexibility and resilience into their operational models, and finance leaders specifically need to invest in systems that advance their cash management practices. 

Which is why 89% of CFOs are embracing automation in their accounting functions.

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Allocate more time to driving strategic growth and trust the accuracy of your finance processes.

Finance leaders and teams can learn how to leverage the latest AI technology to: 

  • Avoid legacy software pitfalls
  • Support supply chain continuity
  • Optimize working capital 

A recent analysis pinpointed a powerful opportunity to release $1.3 trillion that is trapped in the working capital of US businesses, simply by optimizing finance processes.

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