3 Steps to Eliminate Wasted Spending and Fraud in Your AP Function

In the 2023 AFP Payments Fraud and Control Survey, nearly 65% of organizations were targets of payments fraud in 2022.

Most accounts payable teams are working with limited resources, and they lack the bandwidth to investigate each payment request and invoice they receive.

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You can’t defend and grow your business with an AP solution that's letting in fraudulent invoices. Gain control, speed, and confidence with the only enterprise-grade and AI-native AP platform that pays for itself in days, not years.


Lock out thieves. Unlock working capital and cash flow

Eliminate wasted spend with a forensic-level audit to identify discrepancies before payment. Use the detailed view of discrepancies provided by Match Results to streamline provider disputes.


Amplify fraud protection. Shrink payment timelines

Automatically review thousands of invoices in real-time. Automate complex reconciliation process. Generate accruals and credit memos. Enable your organization to build stronger relationships with suppliers.


Fake out deep fakes. Gain visibility you can trust

Forecast cash and inventory needs by leveraging key financial insights for spend planning. Access a holistic view of company spending with real-time dashboards that use filtering controls. See provider ratings and track supplier billing performance.